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Restaurang Drama

Cinema the way it should be

Restaurang Drama is situated next to the cinema in Mall of Scandinavia. In addition to offering a traditional restaurant experience, Drama allows cinema visitors to order food and drinks from the restaurant to be served inside the cinema.

What Passbuy enables
Before Drama installed Passbuy, guests had to either order before the movie started or leave the movie midway. With Passbuy visitors can order anytime they like, any number of times they like, from the comfort of their chair.

The result

  • SEK 200 average order size
  • 20% of visitors order more than once
  • ~10% week on week retention
“Passbuy has enabled us to sell more and our customers like it a lot. Before there was a lot of hassle if you realised in the middle of the film that you were hungry so most people wouldn’t bother - now it’s super easy”
Ivette, Restaurant Manager at Drama
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Bar burger Café

Over 50% adoption

Bar Burger Café is located at Kungsträdgården in central Stockholm and has a big outdoor seating area with 60 tables. While Bar Burger Café offers table service for both drinks and food it only allows ordering at the cash register.

What Passbuy enables
With Passbuy installed, customers can order from their table without increasing staff workload. Previously on busy days the indoor bar would be crammed with people waiting to order - sometimes creating long waiting times and frustration for customers and staff alike. With Passbuy the staff can focus on delivering food and drinks, while space is freed up.

The result

  • 30% of sales through Passbuy overall, 50% on busy days
  • 30% of visitors order more than once
  • 1.6 orders per visit on average
“When Passbuy came and demoed their solution I knew right away that this was for us and I was correct. The customers love it and we’re selling more. We’ve never been able to deliver as quickly as we have now. I would warmly recommend Passbuy to other restaurateurs.”‍
Abbe, Restaurant Manager at Bar Burger